* 16 members maximum.
* Appropriate face mask is required at all times. Face shields are permitted in conjunction with a face mask only.
* All RE-CREATION staff and participants are required to have their temperature taken upon arrival. Please do not come to our location if you have a fever above 100 degrees.
* For fitness classes: please bring your own mat and weights.
* Participants are responsible for wiping down any wellness equipment both before and after use. RE-CREATION Staff will sanitize between uses.
* Maintain social distancing; keeping at least six feet apart from others whenever possible.
* Stay home if you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who has been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days and comply with all current state travel quarantine guidelines prior to entering our facility.

Registration Policy

Pre-registration is required for ALL programs.  After the second week of classes, RE-CREATION reserves the right to cancel the program due to insufficient enrollment.

Online Registrations

To register for youth programs online, fill out the form below for each child you wish to register.  Program fees are due in full by debit or credit card in the PayPal pop-up immediately after submission of the online application.  Your spot will not be held until payment is received.  If payment is not made via PayPal, please expect a phone call within five business days to take payment over the phone.  Visit REC in-person prior to the program start date to pick up your RE-CREATION Membership Card.  Annual processing fees ($10 for adults, $5 for youth) may be due in-person and can be paid at our reception desk prior to the start of programming. We accept cash, debit or credit cards, and checks. Please make checks payable to Greater Fall River RE-CREATION.  A fee will be charged for returned checks.

Membership Cards

All members must use their membership card to sign-in for programs. Cards will be provided for members the week after registration. Lost membership cards may be replaced for a small fee. Off-site program participants can present their card to an instructor for attendance.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be made in-person PRIOR to the third week from the program start date.  NO EXCEPTIONS. All refunds require a $10 charge.

Non-Discrimination Policy

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY RE-CREATION programs and activities do not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, religion, gender identity, handicap, familial status, or national origin and we are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Photo Policy

Greater Fall River RE-CREATION reserves the right to photograph any and all programs or events for publicity and marketing purposes.

Confidentiality Policy

Any confidential information requested is for our records and for the funding our organization receives. The answers you provide will be kept completely confidential. Your cooperation in providing this information is both appreciated and necessary.


Name: *
Date of Birth:*
Other Ethnicity:
Please list any current conditions, allergies, chronic ailments, physical or mental disabilities that may prevent or affect the member from participating fully in the above programming:*
Please list any medications or pertinent information:
NON-FALL RIVER RESIDENTS ONLY: Select number of programs you're registering for:


Parent/Guardian Name:*
Parent/Guardian Address:*
Parent/Guardian Gender:*
Parent/Guardian Ethnicity:*
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Head of Household:*
Number of Family Members:*
Family Income:*
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When registering for programs online, payment vial PayPal is REQUIRED. We are no longer accepting registration online and in-person payments. Thank you for your understanding. 

Word Verification:

I have read the complete application, understand the policies of Greater Fall River RE-CREATION and request that my son/daughter or myself be admitted into membership.I have explained the rules to my son/daughter and agree that Greater Fall River RE-CREATION will not be responsible for any accident to them while on the premises or engaged in any of its activities away from Greater Fall River RE-CREATION.I give consent for photographs, in which my son/daughter and/or myself may appear, to be used in any way Greater Fall River RE-CREATION may care to use them.All registrations will have a processing fee for refunds.I understand that it may be required for my son/daughter to provide their report card for participation in certain programs.I understand that although I am paying for the program fee online, I may also owe an annual membership registration fee, non-resident fee, or other fees necessary to participate in programs. I will I arrive at RE-CREATION in person to submit these payments to RE-CREATION when I pick up my membership card or before the first day of programming.