Is RE-CREATION a non-profit organization?

Yes. We are a non-profit organization which is funded through numerous grants.  As a nonprofit 501c3 organization, we fund our programs and special events through public and private grant money and donations from individuals and companies.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours are subject to change based on programming.  Click here to see our hours of operation for this season.

Can I make donations to RE-CREATION?

Yes. In face, we rely on generous people like you to support our organization. We accept all forms of payment in your chosen denomination. To help support our organization and provide fundamental programs to our location youth, click here.

What happened to “CD-Rec”?

Greater Fall River RE-CREATION was originally founded around the idea to “re-create” the spirit of community involvement.  As the years went on, the organization was funded primarily through the Community Development Block Grant, which is when we changed our name to “Community Development Recreation” or “CD-Rec” for short.  As the needs of the community changed over the years, we were able to receive funding to support those changes!  While we still receive funding from CDBG, much of our programming is supported by other grants and donations that are youth-focused. So we decided to go back to our roots and change our name back to Greater Fall River RE-CREATION because our goal is to “RE-CREATE” the  spirit of community involvement.

What other organizations are in RE-CREATION’s Community & Wellness Center?

In addition, to our non-profit organization, we provide public access to Family Service Association and YouthBuild Fall River.  For more information about our affiliates, call our office at 508-679-0922!

Membership & Registration:

Who can join?

We have programs for people of ALL ages!  Anyone can join, but Greater Fall River residents get a special price for youth programs!

How do I register for a program?

If you are interested in becoming a member of Greater Fall River RE-CREATION, you can visit our reception desk at our Community & Wellness Center with your payment. Or you can Register Online and pay via PayPal!

How much does it cost to join a program?

The average cost of each youth program slightly varies and is usually within the range of $35.00 – $75.00 plus an annual fee of $5.00 for children under 18.

At registration, members will receive a membership card with his/her photo on it and be asked to scan it at our reception desk prior to using our Fitness Center or attending any of our programs.  Programs off-site will be checked in by an instructor at the beginning of each session.

Adults can also become a member of our Fitness Center or Fitness Classes.  Fitness Classes are just $5 per class plus an annual fee of $10 for adults.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. Our annual fee is required at the time of payment during registration. Youth up to age 18 pay $5.00 and all ages above pay $10.00. You will are only charged this fee once per year.  This fee helps to fund our facility and programs, including needed equipment and space for use.

Are fees required to be paid in full at time of registration?

Yes, due to our low program costs, we do require your payment in full at time of registration.

How late can I register for a program that has since started?

Participants MUST register for class by the second week of programming.

Do you offer free programs for youth and or adults?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free programs since our organization relies on our fee to provide instructors, equipment, and facilities for programming.  However, we do offer many holiday and community events that are free and open to the public!

Can I receive a discount when paying for multiple programs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a discount as your payment per class helps provide funding for the program of your interest.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take all forms of payment including cash, check, debit or credit card at our Reception desk.  However, we only accept payment via PayPal for online registrations.

Will you scan my membership card for me manually for the entirety of a program session if I lose or forget my membership card?

No. A charge of $5.00 will be added to your account. Upon payment, you will be provided a new card. Again, we highly value you bringing and providing your card for each and every class.

If I lose my membership card, will you give me a new card?

Yes. Please be aware you will be charged an additional $5.00 per card each time it is lost.

Will I receive a membership card?

Yes. We provide the first membership card that you are required to use for the period of the program each time you visit our Community & Wellness Center.  All members must use their membership card to sign-in for programs each visit.  Cards will be provided for members the week after he/she signs up for programming.  Lost membership cards may be replaced for a small fee.

For off-site programs, please present your membership card to our instructors so they can take attendance.

Costs, Fees, & Payments:

What kind of programs do you offer to younger children?

We offer a variety of programs that vary from season to season and are mostly geared towards younger children of lower income families in our community.

Can I drop my child off for youth programs or do I have to stay with them?

Each program is different, so you’ll have to check with the program instructor.  However, parents are required to stay with their child during any of our Itsy Bitsy classes.

Do you have any programs available for adults?

Yes, adults can join a healthy lifestyle and join any of our Fitness Classes. We require a $10.00 annual fee for adults 18 and older at initial registration and $5 per class to be paid to our instructor each class.

Or, if you prefer, you can join our Fitness Center here at 45 Rock Street, Fall River and go at your own pace with your own workout plan.

Will a class be made up due to the case of inclement weather?

This matter is handled on a situational basis and depends on the availability of our instructor, facilities, and other factors before this is determined.  For any cancellations due to severe weather please check our website, Facebook, Twitter, WSAR 1480, and/or  the Fall River Herald News.  If you are currently enrolled in a program and a class has been cancelled due to severe weather, please call our office at 508-679-0922 for more information.

Will you contact me of class cancellation due to in climate weather?

Yes. You can also find updates on our Facebook and Twitter page. Further information will be addressed on WSAR 1480 and The Herald News.

Facilities & Parking:

Is your building handicapped accessible?

Yes, our new Community & Wellness Center located at 45 Rock Street is handicapped accessible for people of all abilities!

Do you have onsite parking?

Yes. You can park in our facility during hours of operation pending the time of program or meeting.

Do you still have a gymnasium?

No, our new facility does not currently have a gymnasium for use or rental.

Do you have a computer lab?

Yes, we do. However, our Neighborhood Computer Center is NOT open to the general public.   The lab is currently reserved for mentors and a mentees from another organizations to use.