Board of Directors


Greater Fall River RE-CREATION is a very active organization that continues to meet the ever-changing needs of our city residents.  Along with our direct services, cultural events, and family festivals, RE-CREATION also provides a summer park and lunch program.  We also successfully collaborate with many community agencies to provide affordable programs that are designed to instill the proper mental and moral values in our youth.

Our programs help combat delinquency and risk behaviors by providing after school, evening, and weekend programs that keep our children and young adults active and off the streets. RE-CREATION continues to be a member agency of the United Way of Greater Fall River, United States Tennis Association, Massachusetts Park, and Recreation Association and Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc.

The Agency also collaborates on projects like the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge and is the lead agency for two large youth outreach grants for the City of Fall River.  We recognize the need for a healthier lifestyle for the residents of Fall River and through these collaborative initiatives, we are able to assist in bettering the overall well-being of youth and adults in the city.

Why don’t you come by and experience the many programs that RE-CREATION has to offer? We look forward to seeing you!

Greg O’Donnell

Paul Faggioli
1st Vice President
Justin Vieira
2nd Vice President
Samuel Cordeiro
Timothy Burke
Kayla Botelho
Board Member
Michael Letendre
Board Member
Deputy Chief Charles J. Cullen
Board Member
Gregory Medeiros
Board Member
Michael Currin
Board Member
Raquel Pacheco
Board Member
Atty Sean Hurley
Board Member
Christine Perry
Board Member
Kristen Gauvin
Board Member
Jennifer Preston
Board Member
Gregory Brilhante
Board Member