re-creation-logo_squareIn the Fall of 1970, a group of young, local professionals began to discuss the lack of recreational and cultural opportunities available to Fall River’s youth. They came to the conclusion that is was time to “RE-CREATE” the spirit of community involvement. They committed themselves to enhancing the quality of life in Fall River. Thus, “Greater Fall River RE-CREATION Committee Inc.”  was formed.

Greater Fall River RE-CREATION, formerly known as “CD-REC”, is a non-profit recreation and prevention based organization that provides educational and developmental programs to the residents in the Greater Fall River area, emphasizing economically disadvantaged youths.

12065791_1035796213126680_6227719394583443839_nWe believe that every man, woman, and child deserves the opportunity to develop their talents and self-esteem. Our goal is to provide our participants a safe and nurturing environment for our community’s youth to learn, grow, and get involved!

Greater Fall River RE-CREATION strives to provide year-round recreational, educational, and developmental programs to Greater Fall River area residents.  We provide a variety of programs ranging from arts & crafts, sports, dance, fitness classes and other programs economically disadvantaged citizens would otherwise not be able to afford or participate in.  Our programs rely on funding and donations to survive, please support our cause!



Greater Fall River RE-CREATION improves lives by providing programs and services for residents of all ages to thrive, with a focus on socially and economically disadvantaged, and at-risk youths.



Greater Fall River RE-CREATION envisions all individuals in our Community with the resources they need to be healthy, safe, and successful. With our new facility we will also strive to be a catalyst for economic growth in our city by revitalizing our building, housing several public and private organizations, and becoming a premier center for events.



RE-CREATION is committed to delivering all programs, services and events in a safe and nurturing environment so that all residents of Greater Fall River can build self-confidence and reach their potential.