•  The show is open from ages 15-20 and MUST BE RESIDENTS OF FALL RIVER.
•  Talents may include (but not limited to) singing, dancing, instrumental music, skits, magic, comedy, martial arts, juggling, NO LIP-SYNCHING.
•  Everyone must register by completing the Talent Show Participation Form
•  Students who are part of a group act should submit their Participation Forms together.
•  Recommended length is 3 minutes; acts must be no more than 5 minutes.
•  Maximum number of participants in an act is 8.
•  In all cases, decisions of the judges are final and will not be open to discussion.
•  Absolutely no profanity or insensitive subject matter will be permitted.
•  Costumes must be appropriate for all age groups. This s a community event.
•  Acts are responsible for their own props and costumes.
•  All performances will be screened for appropriateness by the Talent Show Committee.
•  If you act requires recorded accompanying music, the music must be provided to the Talent Show Committee at the time of the auditions.
•  Acts with any member under 18 must have a written consent from parents for each of the members.
•  There will be prizes given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Unique Acts are Always Appreciated!

Click, complete and email the Liability Form to or drop it off to our office on 45 Rock Street. Then complete the Participation Form below to register for the Talent Show.